HDS トレモロ「V-6c」

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<概 要>

  •  ・音の立ち上がりちが速くなる。
  •  ・音の粒立ちが良くなる。
  •  ・ボディーの鳴りが良くなる。
  •  ・音のビリツキやチューニングの狂いが発生しにくい。
  •  ・セッティングが容易である。

<仕 様>

  •  サドル:真鍮、スライドアンカー:真鍮
  •  ブロック:真鍮、ベースプレート:スチール(焼入れ)
  •  ホルダー:スチール(S45C)、スタット:スチール(焼入れ/圧入)
  •  サドルピッチ:10.8mm、アーム:5mm(ビンテージタイプ)
  •  総重量:410g(アーム装着時)、オール削出し加工、クロムメッキ
  •  All made in Japan.
  •  ※フェンダー社アメリカンスタンダード2点支持タイプへの装着も可能です。但し個体差により微妙にピッチが違う場合やその他不具合要因が無いとは言い切れませんので、装着はお客様の自己責任にてお願いいたします。


HDS tremolo V-6c is a brand new concept, defying stereotypes. It is a simple,yet sophisticated tremolo bridge, extremely compact, with a unique engineering and building philosophy. From the extensive testing and fine tuning process we went through, together with some of the best players and engineers, we developed a tremolo unit that stands above the industry standard for build quality, sound characteristics and playability.

The V-6c tremolo System enhances the natural resonance of your guitar, adding definition to your tone.

The response to the player’ s touch is extremely fast, thanks to the absence of spurious vibrations in the bridge itself, that would damp the natural attack and vibration of the strings.

The overall tone of your guitar will be more open, airy, even, with better harmonics and excellent balance between strings.

The superior quality of the brass and hardened steel used in the V-6C, and the very solid construction, allow a great transfer of the vibrations to the guitar body,and significantly improve the tuning stability.

Saddle : brass
Slide anchor : brass
Block : brass
Plate : hardened steel
Stud : hardened steel
Saddle pitch : 10.8mm
Arm thread : 5mm (ISO M5, Vintage style)
Net weight : 410g (with arm)
All parts are CNC machined
Proudly handcrafted in Japan

*Without spring and spring clow
*Patent pending (Japan 2013-185415)

<Design & Manufacture>
3259-2 Karasugawa Horigane Azumino City Nagano 399-8211 Japan
phone : +81(0)263-72-8269, mobile : +81(0)80-3754-6699
mail : info@hdstudio.jp, web : www.hdstudio.jp