HDS トレモロ「V-6c」

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 特徴 – Feature


HDSトレモロ:サドル→ プレート→ スタッド一体型ホルダー→ ボディー



1. HDS tremolo saddles sit on a pivot point in their bottom side. The saddle height
are set by the top screw, that puts the saddle in its optimal operating position.
The saddle anchor allows for adjusting the intonation via the back screw, and
moreover it is designed to increment the pressure of the saddle onto the bridge
plate. Thanks to the joint action of the string pressure and the clever design,
based on a new approach to the leverage theory, the HDS tremolo grants up to
three times the pressure of the saddles v/s a traditional design. The saddles have
a strong, direct contact with the bridge plate, thus with minimal sound loss.
Additionally, the traditional design bridges use 2 hex socket screws to set the
saddle height. These saddles are clamped to the plate only by the string
pressure, and the hex screws are often difficult to adjust, quite quite prone to
move under the playing vibrations, therefore generating buzzes, rattles and bad
transmission of the string vibrations. HDS saddles feature one single screw that
couples with the string anchor, solving radically the problem.
The HDS saddle is basically floating, on a very solid assembly, but gets enough
pressure by the string tension to be kept in place, without subtracting almost
any energy to the strings. Every nuance of the player’ s touch is expressed with
incredible clarity.
2. The HDS tremolo holder is fitted with low-friction studs, granting a perfect
return to pitch position. The holder has 4 screw holes, compatible with most
standard Strat-style bodies, allowing the use of the original screws and holes for
the installation of the tremolo system. The 2 studs are the only contact pivot
points with the round knife edges of the bridge plate that share the exact same
pitch and radius, allowing the maximum vibration transfer with the minimal
Comparison in vibration transmission:
HDS tremolo : saddle > bridge plate > holder with stud > body
traditional tremolo : saddle > screw > bridge plate > stud > nut > body